Freshwater Consumption in the U.S.

Freshwater resources are essential to the lives of Americans. Availability of freshwater is currently an issue in the Western United States and may become an issue in the near future. Quantitative data is useful when researching water and its availability, but it must be displayed in meaningful ways.

This website presents data concerning freshwater availability in an interactive map. Maps display quantitative data effectively as well as show what areas are experiencing water availability problems. Interactive maps can be a powerful tool because they allow the user to consider the relationships between layers depicting different data.

To view the interactive map, press "click to initialize." The interactive map can zoom, pan, or query data in the active layer. In order to activate a layer select a radio button and click "Refresh." In order to pan select "Browse" and "Pan" then select an area of the map that you wish to center the image on. The procedure used to zoom is the same as panning except you should select zoom in or out before clicking on the map image. To conduct a spatial query on the map click on the "Query" radio button or the "NQuery" radio button and then select the map. Query returns attribute information for the map layer you are currently viewing. NQuery returns information for the feature you select and for surrounding features within 500 miles in a population layer or within 50 miles in a water layer.