Bike paths and certain bike related locations in franklin county, OH

There are three layers, the first of which (sites) Is the location and addresses of bike enthusiast groups in franklin county. The second layer (Bike Paths) Are actual bike paths in franklin county and surrounding areas. The third layer (Bike Shops) is just that. Bike shops throughout franklin county.

In the upper corner of map you can switch map types as well as click on the traffic button to see current conditions. Clcking on the ? shows a legend telling what the corresponding colors mean. In the Far right you can get directions to and from wherever you want to go. At the bottom of the page the weather link takes you right to columbus's weather.

Data layers available in this map are listed below. Each layer can be turned on and off by clicking on the corresponding checkbox.

Bike Paths(Red Lines)
Bike Shops
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Formatted Directions
Columbus, Ohio, weather forecast