Jim Brennan's 5201 Final Project Description

I worked with Heartland GIS on a web mapping application for a farmers association, Ohio Soy. The idea started as an improvement of a tool from growers-edge.com, an agricultural resource portal, where soy crop elevator prices (from DTN data) are displayed on a map and color coded by price. For my application, a farmer is able to enter their address and have an estimation of the end profit at each elevator calculated for them, and directions to it displayed. I'm using the ArcGIS JavaScript API for this project. The geolocation and routing calculations call on the ArcGIS REST API.

How to Use

Enter the address from which you want to route in the input box mark address. Change the other variables (diesel price, fuel efficiency, etc.) to your needs or keep them at the default. The "check bridges" checkbox will route around locations of closed bridges as posted on an ODOT webmap. After your parameters are what you want, click on an soy elevator (one of the orange dots) to begin. An infobox will popup with a profit estimation and some data about the elevator. Hover the mouse over the route created to see directions displayed in the box on the left hand side.

Possible Improvements

There are many more improvements that I would like to add in the future. For the fuel prices, the application should be able to change the default price by using the input location to find out what the fuel prices are at the nearest fueling stations, and suggest those fueling locations to the end user. The ability for an end user to save a common address and elevator query through cookies or logins is something that I'm far off from figuring out how to implement, but is probably the most desired feature to add. If I can get DTN data updated every day instead of one day's price data like used currently, I should be able to show how the price history of each elevator and whether its possibly better for a farmer to wait to sell based on past trends.