Mapping Current Members of Congress

Logan Beougher

Members of Congress Web Map

The purpose of this app is to know who your current federal legislators in congress are. There are two maps, one for senators and one for representatives. The Senator map features every state symbolized according to the party affiliations of their elected officials. The Representative Map is viewed based on a selected state, and implements a geolocation point to determine which district you are in. Each map lets you click the geographic features, and returns data corresponding to the senators/reps. The tabular data was scraped from the sources below using PHP for the senators XML listing, and python for the representatives HTML source. These .csv files were joined with TIGER/Line shapefiles supplied by the U.S. Census Bureau. The map is implemented with leaflet, with backend help from mapserver. Both maps use WFS, and the representative map uses a filter query to reduce the load on the browser.

Members of Congress Map - United States Senate

Members of Congress Map - United States House of Representatives

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