Locator Final Project

Designed by: Kelvin Anakor Jerin Jacob Caleb Morgan


At first we wanted to track and locate all crime in the city of columbus and make an interactive map that will show and display all the crimes around columbus. We used Raids online, a website that tracks all crime nearby the address the user has put. At first we thought it would be easy. We assumed that we would get all the addresses from this site, but later we found out that the addresses that the website had posted were censored. With that issue, it was impossible for us to find out what the addresses were. We eventually had to move on with a new idea, but after looking at the website (https://www.raidsonline.com/) and how interactive the map was (based on clicking the crime and also reading the details of the crime), we decided to stick on with our original idea. We took the idea of locating high schools and libraries around Columbus. Using the interface from Lab 10, we eventually succeeded in creating a map that could locate both high schools and libraries at the same time.

Functions / Services:

Thanks to lab 10, we were able to create our interactive map. using list of schools text file, PHP, JavaScript, geolson, etc to arrive at the goal. We first started out with inputting the addresses for every high school and libraries. We used a website that can locate schools as well as libraries. We also used google map to locate the latitude, longitude and the addresses and input them in our text file . Once we did that we gathered information from every local school district in the “614” area code. We performed an informal google search on the on the high schools in the Columbus city school district, then we gathered information about the school districts either partially or completely inside Franklin County, knowing that they would be included in the “614”. We then created a project query.php to help the user locate where the facilities were based on the users decision of the distance they chose. We created the geocoding.php to help geolocate all our points within the text file that we stored for our high schools and also libraries. After that we created the projectx htm and our project.css to display display the interface in the corner of our map. After that we created a javascript that creates the map background , and also helped function our interactive box. We eventually used the icons that we got from the web and input them into our map.

Overall Summary

The project itself is laced with coding combining together aspects of geolocation using HTML learned in lab 10. Seeing how the Raids Online interface worked motivated us to determine the overall direction that we wanted to move in for this final project. We wanted to create an interface that allowed a specific user to input their own address in the search bar. Once that step was complete, that same user would be prompted to choose a desired range set of miles (distance from inputted location), and information about high schools or libraries to display on the map. The interface will only display every high school and/or library in the “614” area code. Therefore, if you input a location in Dublin, Ohio, the user will only be allowed to view schools and libraries in a southern and eastern radius. Overall, this project has helped us create an interactive map, that allows us to analyze proximity within the user's desired distance. We have streamlined the search process for a simple and user friendly interface that is also compatible with mobile devices. We have learned a great deal of valuable information about interactive mapping.