Thomas Fortunato's Project

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***** NOTE: Please wait a few minutes to allow the County Description layer to load. It took me an average of 3-5 minutes to show this layer. Thanks. *****
My project is about redrawing the 50 states to be populated proportionally. The United States population is around 318,000,000 people, and this gives an average of about 6,350,000 per state if they were to be proportionally populated. I tried to perform a feature search with the AND function similar to what we saw in the WFS lab, using the PropertyIsEqualTo, PropertyName, Literal, etc. This would have given me crisp borders for the new states by being able to select each county. However, the AND search did not work. I am unsure why.. I tried many combinations but to no avail. So, I had to draw polygons for each state, and this required me to look up populations for many counties. I used Wikipedia for this. I tried to draw the new polygons along county borders. Many states ended up being a whole metropolitan area, or caused a metropolitan area to be divided. Examples of these city states include Philadelphia, Dallas, Miami, and Houston. Metropolitan areas such as Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York were split into 2 or 3 states due to the populations being above the 6,350,000 average. The state polygons were drawn using the information in the GeoJSON lab, and I created a single variable to hold all the states. I tried to name each state after a main city, river, park, or mountain range. I also considered culture of surrounding areas when drawing the states. I then added these states/polygons to a GeoJSOn layer. I chose the capital cities for each new state based on population, economic importance, and a centralized location relative to each state. I used Leaflet markers to accomplish this, and bound a popup including the name of the city, name of the new state, and a link to the Wikipedia article for each city. I used a PHP function with JavaScript that was given to us and manipulated the data for counties. This layer is U.S. County Descriptions, where I allow the user to click on any county to get features of this county, such as the name, original state, and population. I also included the center point of each county in a U.S. County Points layer. I tried making a legend, but it didn't work. I wish I would've asked for more help on this. Overall, I am satisfied with this project and what I have learned this semester. I look forward to making more web-based maps in the near future.