Regular Gas Mapper
GEOG 5201: Geovisualization - Final Project
About Regular Gas Mapper

The Regular Gas Mapper is a project done by Tuoyo Scott-Emuakpor. The idea was based on what was learned in the web-based geovisulaization course, and the teachings of the instructor, Dr. Ningchuan Xiao. The purpose of the site is to allow users to see the average price of gas in each state, including Washington D.C. The site breaks down the average gas prices into 3 categories, which allows users to visualize reigonal trends.


In order to get average gas price data, I wrote a python code that screen scrapes the necessary data from a credible website. The python code then sorts the data and places the releveant bits of data into an excel file, and the file is then saved. The data from this excel file is then put into each pop-up box and displayed when the user clicks an icon.

Using The Site

Using the site is very simple and straigtforward. It was designed to be that way, and be very intuitive. When you hover your mouse over any of the icons, it will give you the nickname of the state that icon is in. This gives the user a simple and fun fact, and also allows them to be sure they are going to get information from the state in which they desire. When the user clicks on an icon, a pop-up appears that displays 3 relevant pieces of information. At the top, in bold, the name of the state is shown. Below that, the name of the capital of that state is shown. Lastly, below the capital of the state, the average price of regular gas in that state for the current day is shown.
Disclosure: this site attempts to collect the latest information about the average price of regualr gas in each state. However, the source for this information is always subject to changes, and I might not be able to update the site that quickly.


I collected all of my average regular gas price information from the American Automobile Associaton. My map was implemented using Google's Maps API. My icons were obtained by going to Google Maps Image Search, and subsequently typing "red gas pump", "blue gas pump", and "green gas pump".