You opened my project report on . Enjoy!
James Donavan

My project maps 50 restaurants in Columbus, OH that were pulled from with a python script. The script originated from Jake Carr in the G5222 class last semester. I modified it to suit my desired search criteria. I had originally wanted to map events happening in Columbus, OH in a way that would allow you to see all the events around you at one time, but I was not able to find a source of event data that was in the format that I could understand and easily copy for use in my project.

As a secondary plan I had wanted to allow a user to input a search query and number of page results to scrape from, but I wasn't able to get all the parts to work together. I had a form that would take the input and call the python script with the input form the form being sent as a query to the script. I found tutorials on-line demonstrating the passing of arguments into a python script using AJAX, but I was unable to successfully implement it. I could not get my python script to output a file when I ran it through the server, so I have no idea if it actually ran that way.

As a last resort I ran the python script from my computer, to gather a .CSV document with 50 restaurants in Columbus, OH. My HTML calls a JavaScript file that uses an AJAX function in conjunction with a JQuery library that is able to parse .CSV files to feed the restaurant data from the .CSV into a loop containing the the Leaflet circleMarker function to place the points on the map. The basemap comes from OpenStreetMap. I used CSS to style my page with OSU colors, GO BUCKS!

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