Final Project Report

Travis McClain and Dillon Haynor

For our final project we attempted to show festivals around the State of Ohio. We thought this could be a good way for people to explore more of the state of Ohio. We set out to map out the points on a leaflet map similar to a previous lab that have markers.

The first thing we did was make another leaflet map and copy the same general elements of the map. We overall thought this style of map was better than using google API to just display our points. Using travelOhio website had a list of festivals divided up by months and we copied at least five random festivals a month to our variable javascript page. Our final map had a table of the months off to the side of the map with a color code to show which month is which event. The map was centered on the page with a title in the center with each point when clicked on would provide a popup box with the name and a brief description with a source link.

Things we would like to improve for next time would be to add a page scraper to add all the events and then it could auto update as events get removed or added for the months. Also we were not able to do a check box system to filter the points on the map to show all of one month compared to all of them at one time. Due to time crunch we just threw on all the points we had to produce a product for the class.