Displaying Top College Football Teams
in the United States: Documentation

Joe Butkovic and Chris Mathews

For our project we decided to give the top 25 college football teams in the country
a nice visual display of where each team is located, and allow the user to zoom in
and out to view the surroundings of each teams stadium. We also provide a picture
of each teams logo for each point that is displayed on the map.

We also allow the user to select each logo, which then a window will pop-up and an image
of the selected teams stadium will appear along with the stadiums name and the name of
the university. We provided a link to ESPN.com that shows the top 25 college football
teams in the country as a reference to the displayed data. We also provided an additional
link which takes you to another .html page that displays a table with a little bit of
general information about each team. Then, for a little Ohio State flair, we changed the
color of the zoom-in and zoom-out keys to scarlet and gray colors.

We chose to do the top-25 college football teams because only the top 25 are typically
shown on college football talk shows/newspapers. And most importantly, only the top 25
are ever shown in the polls. We thought it would be cool to show a trend of where the
cluster of teams are that are typically in the top 25. There are definite clusters that
consist of several teams in the top 25 and this can be easily seen on our map. Such trends
were all a part of the reason we wanted a visual representation of the top 25.