Final Project Report

For my final project, I chose to do a satellite map of the Pendergrass-Murray Recreational Preserve climbing area within the Red River Gorge in Slade, Kentucky. This is a very popular rock climbing area with many crag locations to choose from. If one were to visit the PMRP for a weekend, this map could serve as an excellent resource for planning which crags to go to based on route difficulty, type of route, vicinity to parking, etc.

I did this by referencing,, and the Wolverine Publishing's "Red River Gorge - South" guidebook to estimate the locations of each climbing crag within the PMRP, them manually arranged the routes within the infobox from left to right when looking at the wall. Many of the routes are clickable links to their decription pages on mountainproject or redriverclimbing. I imported a road map for Lee county to better illustrate how to access the PMRP, given that the vegetation on the satellite map makes viewing smaller roads a bit less clear.

To improve my map project, I would like to have the infoboxes close automatically when another is clicked. I would also have loved to enter the geographic coordinates of individual routes within each crag, as well as the trails, as there is no map product of this area that is that specific. This is a privately owned parcel of land with no roads. However, would be able to import the trail information from a GPS, as we saw in my class presentation. Identifying the parking areas would also be ideal. If I had the time and resources to map the trails and routes, that would be my ideal project.