Final Report

by Siying Chen

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Final Project
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A map tool for dining at Chinese restaurants in Columbus, Ohio.

Motivation and Objectives

  1. Create a web application to provide information about Chinese restaurants in Columbus, Ohio, which includes the following content:

  2. Create links

  3. Create a query form to enable users to acquire restaurants that meet their preference


Data Description

Final Results (What have been done in this project)

  1. The web application is functional and practical, which means that it could provide accurate and useful dining or other related information.
  2. The query form is operable, which means that users could find their preferred restaurants by setting single or multiple preference.
  3. The web application is designed in an elegant and nice-looking way. The icons is displayed as "bowls" and the popup windows is customized.

Self-assessment (what could be improved in this project)

  1. I only collected data about 19 restaurants, therefore sometimes user might only get one or two restaurants on the map after setting their preference.

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