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Bryan Webb and Ryan Ymeri

For this project Ryan and I created a map of all of the border crossings into the United States. We cut the map

into two maps so we were able to zoom into a more specific area. All of the markers, which in this case are flags, have pop-up content

which has relevant information about each of the crossings. There is also a link to the website where we obtained all of our scraping

within the pop-up. We used Leaflet to display our two maps within our HTML page. We used a PHP script to scrape the XML from the

website, which refreshes every time the page is refreshed since it is a server side script. Then we used JavaScript, and in particular,

geoJSON to call the points and information on each of the crossings. We feel that we have an aesthetically pleasing map with very

high functionality. We feel this could be much easier and efficient way for people crossing borders to lookup.