Bombing of London

24 Hours of Blitz: Sept. 7th 1940

On September 7th, 1940, Nazi Germany dropped approximately 845 bombs on the city of London, killing an estimated 450 people. Similar attacks were carried out every day for the two months in what would become known as "The Blitz". The map below shows the approximate locations of bombs dropped on the city throughout the day as recorded by the London Fire Brigade.

In order to see more information about each bomb, click on the point to see what bomb it was (with Bomb 1 being the first bomb dropped and Bomb 843 being the last), what time it was dropped, and what the reported damage was.

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in feet.


Incendiary Bombs

Explosive Bombs

Incendiary and Explosive Bombs

Shrapnel Bomb

High Explosive Bomb

Crude Oil Bomb


Created by Maxfield Barach. Data retreived from Project Bomb Sight data sources at

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