Geography 5201 Final Project

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By: Christian Cervantes and Steve Scudier

Final Project Map

For our final project, utilizing geolocation features, we mapped out one's proximity to campus area bars based on their location in the university area. Ultimately creating an online map that can not only be utilized from a desktop device but also from a mobile device when on the go and attempting to find a bar to go to in the campus area. The user can then click on any markers that are nearest in proximity and a little popup will appear with a photo, a website (if the bar has one), a yelp review (along with how many stars it is rated), and a phone number for the bar.

The map hopefully would aid in helping a user decide which bar they would want to go to by providing the location, reviews, and a website/phone number.

We utilized geolocation features from the mapping points lab as a guide to first place a marker at the users current location. By allowing this feature it makes the map much more adaptable and mobile friendly so a user could utilize it while on the go or if they are not near a computer at the moment. We then placed points at the coordinates for each bar by gathering their coordinates through google maps and placed a marker on each bars location that contained information for the bar when the marker was clicked on and any vital links or other online resources that would open in a new tab if clicked on.

The purpose was to create a simple map that would be of use to the average OSU student when out on the town.

Technical Issues:
We had an issue implementing the images for the individual bars as the marker for the bar and had to stick with the original marker as the default. When we decided to use the image as part of the pop-up window, we had issues with the size of the displayed image not conforming to the window, but it served the purpose we needed and let it as is. We thought about using a drop down menu to allow users to find bars within a certain radius of their location, but as the target area is already so small and the implementation of such a feature gave us a load of problems, we decided against the idea.