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Jim Grywalsky
Final Report

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My theme is "Ohio's Amusement Parks, Water Parks, and Zoos." See proposal page here.

Select a park to show the icon. Clicking an icon opens a popup and zooms in. There are options at the bottom of the popup. 'Website' open in a new window or tab. 'Reset map' closes the popup and resets the map to its original state. There is a separate control layer to open group. Selecting a group here checks all of the parks in the upper control layer and displays all icons for that group.

All of the following files and folders are in the 'project' folder.
The files associated with this project map are:



parkszoos-final_content.js (popup content and options) (copied from another project to use states layer for boundaries; shape path to states.shp)

states.shp (in projectData folder)

concrete-seamless.png (layer control background)
lightpaperfiber.png (layer control hover background)
bluesky.png (map title backgroung)

Icons (in icon folder):
coaster.png (amusement parks)
water.png (water parks)
giraffe.png (zooz)

Note: Google Maps has updated to a "streamlined version of Maps called Lite mode." This was done after I finished this project. As of 4/29 it has not affected the Google map layers in the project map.

Open project map in new window / tab.