Nathaniel Ackerman

Final Project

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Cannabis Dispensaries Locator Google Maps Link

Provided here (200 East Colfax Avenue Denver, CO 80203) is a starting point to search by, which is the address of State Capitol building that is located in downtown Denver.

My final project was on mapping 25 dispensaries located in Denver, Colorado. This is where I will be living the coming fall, and the industry that I will be working in so I felt like it would be a good subject to work on. To map the locations, I used which is a free to use, street address to coordinate conversion website. To do so, I first had to make a Google API key that I did by signing into my google account, and going to the and selecting create project. Next I went to the 'APIs & auth' sidebar tab, and turned on all of the Google Maps options. Next I went to the 'credentials' link in the sidebar and selected 'create new key' and received my key to use on Once I had that, it was a matter of entering in all of the addresses that I got from Google Maps, searching the tag 'marijuana denver'. I selected the first 25 dispensaries that had customer reviews and were rated over a 3.0. I followed the instructions on the 'data' minilab to create a couple of the neccessary files and kept the names the same for ease of use. Next I did the same with the 'mapping points' lab and made a few alterations, such as the name options from the map drop down menu and initial distance from 1 to 10 miles. I had difficulty putting it all together and making the points show up, but thankfully you were able to fix the mistakes that were preventing the points from appearing. They were: I had a comma between latitude/longitude points instead of a money sign, and the order of my longitude and latitude were in reverse order of what the coding was set up to map. Once these errors were corrected (thanks again) the map was capable of displaying the 25 dispensaries locations that I had saved in my stores.txt. This project helped me better understand how one can go about mapping any points in Google Maps, and how to create a viable search method for locating them.