Final Report !

Tavis Thomson

For my final project I wanted to create a map that detailed some specific areas for anyone looking to go biking in the area. By using geolocation it was possible to set up a home base which is 259 W Norwich Ave 43201. From here adding the attributes for trails, shops and also bike paths to the map based on distance from the current map location makes it possible to get an idea of where these attributes and locations are. My goal was to get the places interactive for the user so that eht could find in depth details about these areas. A goal that might be used for future use is where there is a dynamic update tool for the mountain bike trails around the Columbus area. As of now there is a link that allows the user to figure out what is going in that trail area but not directly on the map itself if it is open or not. Linking together that type of code was problematic in that it would not display correctly in the javascript function.

Using all the knowledge I have gained from the course this map is able to be rendered in a mobile device so as to allow for any one coming to Columbus to bike will have an idea of where to go from an insider's perspective. Overall, I would say that this has been a successful creation in having people being able to query certain shops, trails, and paths that they can visit. The best possible option for this would to have dynamic updates which could also be a further use of this application in the future. In conclusion, the map itself is able to create specific queries for users that are looking at any type of biking activity around the Columbus area, and with the basemap as one created just for cycling it is also possible for users to see the expansion of biking even outside of Columbus and into the nation.

Here is the Final Map:Go!