Meredith Caram

Originally I had planned to create a twitter application that displayed points based on user keyword queries. I could not get the api output to play nicely, however, and ran into multiple problems attempting to display the markers using JQuery to make an AJAX call. As a result, I decided to go with something a bit more manageable: a series of maps about the civil war displaying static points and links to wikipedia articles. This map is meant to be a visual reference guide; something to be used in conjunction with other research. The idea is that it helps the user to more firmly grasp the geographic relationships between these battlefields, particularly by examining their proximity to one another.

The website is set up as a series of parallel html pages with links to one another. The user can navigate to any of the pages from any other page. Points are displayed on the map corresponding with the specific campaign. The campaign links are ordered chronologically from top to bottom to the side of the map.

I intend to work with this page some more and do have a few moments in mind. Firstly, I would like to combine all the pages into one and just use AJAX calls to load the points. To accomplish this, I want create a JSON file with all the point data. Additionally, I would like to add pictures to each of the battle sites that dispay pop up images of the battle fields with troop disposition. Finally, I would like to expand to other theaters of conflict, like the Ohio Valley and the Western Campaigns.