Working on this project was a fun and tedious experience. As a huge baseball fan, making a map of past baseball stadiums was very interesting and I learned a lot about baseball history in the process. The collection of data, such as logo images, and stadium addresses was the most time consuming part of the project. I found most of the stadium addresses with the use of The images used were compiled from Google images and have a variety of different sources, of which are linked in the javascript. I found the coordinates of each stadium by searching for their addresses in a Google maps coordinate finder. This was also a very tedious part of the project, as I often had to search to find the exact location of where the stadium once was. I used a Google maps Hybid map style base layer. The hybrid style uses both satellite imagery and thematic map characteristics, such as place labels which I thought were appropriate for a project of this type. One of the major shortcomings of the project was the inability to find images that were simultaneously of adequate size and quality. Most of the images were far too big to be markers at their size, and so by shrinking these images, the quality of the images suffers. Another aspect of the project that would have been nice to pursue is to make an index that allows the user to click on a year. Upon clicking on that year, the map would only show stadiums that were built up until that time. It would just be another cool feature of the map that would allow for the user to see the growth of baseball geographically over the years. Overall, I am fairly satisfied with the map I created. It provides geographic, as well as historical information on all of the past Major League Baseball stadiums and is an interesting historical and geographic reference for fans. (Kevin Wisher)