Final Project Report

Jonathan Franko

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The final map that I created utilized the google maps API to display the pictures in an infowindow. The map functions by having the picture appear in an infowindow that appears when a marker is clicked, and goes away when the infowindow is closed. The locations of the pictures were taken from gps data stored in the exif file of the picture. The pictures were taken with a Nikon AW110, which is a ruggedized digital camera that is cabale of recording location, direction, and elevation. The pictures were surprisingly accurate for the most part. Though the photo did not state GPS accuracy, my estimation is that they were within a 10m accuracy, and possibly even reaching 3m accuracy for some images

Though this map succeeds in displaying the photos on a map, it was not as automatic as I would have hoped. In my original proposal, I hoped that there would be some way to make the map automatically display the photos in their correct position using the data stored in the exif file. I was unable to find a way to do this, and instead had to manually view the location information, convert the coordinates from minutes to decimal degrees, and write out the code for each infowindow/marker. Another thing that I was not fond of was that it was possible to open all pictures, which let the the map being cluttered. Ideally, only one image could have been open at a time, and the other images would close automatically upon opening a new image. It could have also been improved by making it so that instead of the full size image displaying (which were already sized down to conserve server space), there was a thumbnail image, that when clicked opened the full image in a new tab or window.