Final Project Report

John Sutliff

For my final project, I attempted to show the vast number of parks that are in the state of Ohio. My reasoning for this is that there are so many parks in Ohio, and that many people may not know about parks that are close to them. I set out to map out points on a leaflet map similar to a previous lab that had markers for each of the parks that are in the state boundaries.

The first thing I did was to make another leaflet map (similar to lab 6) and copy the same general elements of the map. This was because I was familiar with it, and I thought the overall appearance of the map was good. I then copied the query and geolocation codes, and modified them so that it showed parks instead of supermarkets and stores (this was done by obtaining a image representing parks from the same website as the other images were obtained). I then altered the javascript (mostly by removing the other options, since all I wanted it to show was parks in Ohio). Finally, I made a txt file of the latitude longitude/name/etc. of each park and replaced it with the other txt file in the lab

For things I could have improved on or done better in the lab, there were quite a few. Initially I wanted to make kind of a "color map" for the parks, where relative locations, color circles would surrond the parks in Ohio, and one color would represent parks close to your location, and other colors would represent parks that were farther away. I ended up scrapping that idea, as I felt it was somewhat redundant, and I wasn't able to figure out how to accomplish the idea. As always, there was plenty I could have added to the map, but I opted for it to remain relatively simple, as the less cluttered a map is, the more effective it generally is.