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Final Project

Jillian Woltz


Columbus Crafted Drinks: 

To provide a map with locations of all breweries, wineries, meaderies, and distilleries
in the Columbus, Ohio area. These locations are all facilities in which craft their
own types of alcohol, who also have a public address.

The program used for this mapping project was CartoDB. The addresses of each facility location
were put into an Excel spreadsheet along with the names and types of each facility.
The Excel spreadsheet was uploaded into CartoDB and locations were georeferenced.
A legend is displayed showing the different types of facilities,
and the names and addresses are present in pop up boxes when a location dot is clicked on.

Pros and Cons of Mapping This Subject with CartoDB:


-The program is fairly easy to use- it allows users who are most familiar
with programs like Google Maps, to enhance their maps with options of that
cartographers are interested in having, allowing for a more professional map.

-The program also makes accuracy easy to achieve with georeferencing as an option.

-If there are any errors in your coding, the program will highlight the issue
and let you know what to change. This in turn helps in educating new users on how coding works.


-although there are only 3 types of facilities (brewery, winery/meadery, and distillery),
the program placed 4 types, repeating "brewery." However, there is an option
that allows to turn on and off which types are visible on the legend.

-If the type of map is selected (dot, category, choropleth...),
and the user would want to try out a different type,
the colors of each dot will reset once the original type is selected again.

-The amount of options for mapping is restricted,
due to the limitations of the free version of CartoDB.
If a user pays, there are more mapping and sharing options.


H E R E is the link to the Columbus Crafted Drinks map.