Final Report

Brian Guzowski & Greg Pore

The restaurant guide that Brian and I put together can be used by anyone but is targeted towards anyone that is looking to make their way to the Short North to find a good meal. 

The problem is that there are so many options in the area that it can be overwhelming sometimes if you don't go there with a plan.  The guide we put together will give you the location and style of all the restaurants in the Short North area of Columbus.

We used the lab "Working with your own point data" successfully as a guide to help us with the final project.  We ended up breaking the restaraunts in to three categories: American, Ethnic, and Cafe.  These categories can be selected individually in the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the page to easily narrow your search results to the type of meal you are looking for.

In addition to the individual categories, each type of restaraunt was given a distinct icon symbol to further help the user separate possible eating options. For example, The Pint House uses a beer mug icon to show they are beer focused, Jenis Splendid Ice Cream uses an ice cream cone icon to show their primary product. When an icon is clicked on, additional information is presented in a pop-up window such as the address and telephone number, as well as a link to the restaraunts home page.

We put a lot of time in to getting the code for the drop-down menu and the custom icons to work.  Once we found a good resource for the individual restaraunts addresses, we simply needed to plug the information in to our geocode to get the initial icons to appear.  Brian was able to get each restaraunts icon it's own color according to the category as well as the unique icon symbols for each restaraunt type within the category.

While there are some limitations to the tool, we feel that for its intended purpose for the intended audience it does a good job of giving a quick look of the food establishments available in the Short North area with the option for additional information should the user require it as needed.  Some systems we may like to included are average ratings based on customer reviews and a quick glance pricing table.

We were somewhat hindered in our implementation of the project by our lack of expertise with writing the full coding for a project such as this. A lot of time was spent doing research into writing the Leaflet scripts. From reading the Leaflet website, we think that if we had a better knowledge of JSon, we probably could have done much more with this project.

An excellent resource for this project was the website which had a pretty comprehensive listing of all of the restaurants, their locations, and pricing information.